Aptos Hills | Corralitos

It's the perfect climate to grow your own food and spend your days outdoors gardening.

Welcome to Aptos Hills and Corralitos

Serene country-side offering plenty of freshness
Aptos Hills and Corralitos are in Santa Cruz County's southern region. It's a laid-back town specializing in estate-bottled pinot noir and chardonnay, among other wine varieties. A bucolic community set amongst old apple orchards contributes to Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. The area also features a bustling wine trail, boutique wineries, and a classic California vibe. 
The area features an artisan population with many shops offering locally produced sausage and pastries made from fresh produce sold throughout the region. It's the perfect climate to grow your own food and spend your days outdoors gardening, riding, or simply enjoying the sounds of nature. 
The small town of Corralitos is in the Santa Cruz Mountains, featuring a breathtaking landscape with large lots and a quiet family lifestyle. However, it's still only a short drive from the surrounding communities of Santa Cruz and beautiful Monterey Bay beaches. 
Aptos Hills and Corralitos are perfect places for families, offering excellent schools, fresh air, and plenty of space for furry and feathered friends.

What to Love

  • Nearby farms, vineyards, and parks make for spectacular scenic views
  • Locally crafted beer, wine, sausage, and more
  • Its laid back vibe
  • Charming shops offering fresh, locally produced goods

Local Lifestyle 

The craft culture created by the local vineyards and producers, mixed with the laid-back lifestyle of people in the area, makes for a unique living experience in the Aptos Hill/Corralitos area. You'll eat and drink well and have plenty to do without going very far. You could pick a spot, be there all day, and feel like you're living in heaven on earth.
A small country store with a legendary butcher shop anchors the community and means you don't need to drive far when you run out of milk!

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Experience the world in food and drink in Aptos Hills and Corralito. From unique Mexican fare to iconic meat and sausage companies, there is plenty of variety to choose from. 
According to Yelp, butchers and the Mule is one of the top-rated restaurants. It features a meat-heavy menu from short rib tacos to N.C Hot Chicken Sandwich. They also offer some vegetarian options, and you'll enjoy drinking all day at their famous pour house. 
Perhaps one of the biggest attractions in the area is the Mount Madonna Center. The center is part retreat, part temple, and a perfect place to slow down and recharge. It offers personal retreats, yoga classes, fresh vegetarian meals, peaceful swimming, and serene forest trails.
You'll also have plenty to explore across the many farms, vineyards, and parks available in Aptos Hills and Corralitos.

Things to Do 

Along The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park is the Sparrow Valley Retreat. It's chock full of hidden gems and offers outdoor hot tubs, gorgeous redwoods, and breathtaking overlooks. It's a truly memorable destination and ideal for couples wanting to blend rural charm with boutique touches.
Nisene Marks is a great place to go hiking and walking amongst towering redwoods. Its serenity is soul-soothing, and each time you visit, you'll discover something new.
Another hidden gem is the Aptos Village Park. It's easy to miss because of its proximity to the more prominent Nisene Marks. But, it makes for a quiet and often less populated area for picnics, parties, and weddings.
Travel down the highway for about six miles, and you'll come across Seacliff State Beach. It's known for its fishing pier and the SS Palo Alto–a long-abandoned concrete freighter from World War I. The Palo Alto remained docked in Oakland, California, until 1929, until it was purchased to turn it into an amusement and fishing ship. It was purposely sunk, and by 1930, a pier was built leading to the boat. 
The company that purchased it installed a dance floor, a cafe, a fifty-four-foot heated swimming pool, and carnival-type concessions. Unfortunately, after just two seasons, the company went bankrupt, and Palo Alto was stripped and now is only used for fishing.
Each year, craft beer lovers gather to experience "Craft Beer Heaven" at the California Beer Festival in Aptos. The festival offers over 140 craft beers from local and national breweries and a great lineup of food trucks and live music acts. 
When you want to get closer to nature and horses, the Horse and Heart Ranch offers "Horsemanship and Healing in Nature." Their mission is to help people transform through experiential learning in nature with horses.


The public school district serving Aptos Hills is the Pajaro Valley Unified School District which caters to over 20,000 students across 34 schools, grades K-12. 
  • Rio Del Mar Elementary, K-6
  • Valencia Elementary, K-6
  • Aptos Junior High, 7-8 
  • Aptos High, 9-12

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